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Aerobe: a garment worn around the house

Alimentary: what Sherlock Holmes said to Dr. Watson

Apparent: one who changes diapers

Carpal: someone you drive to work with

Castrate: the going price for setting a fracture

Chiropractor: An Egyptian doctor

Cystogram: A wire sent to your sister

Decapitate: to cancel a contract with an HMO

Denial: where Cleopatra used to swim

Dislocation: Here

Duct: avoided being hit

Elixir: what a dog does to his owner when she gives him a bone

Emetic: Italian ambulance driver

Fibula: little white lie

Genotype: the kind of girl Geno likes

Hippocampus: where a hippopotamus gets a degree

Inbred: the best way to eat bologna

Innuendo: where an Italian gastroenterologist puts his proctoscope

Intubate: what a fisherman is

Isodense: what a med student says after taking the national boards

Orifice: a place of business

Paradox: two physicians

Platelet: a saucer

Pleural: more than one

Sacral: holy

Thorax: weapon of a Norse God

Tolerance: the result of ants on growth hormone

Vitamin: what you do when friends stop by to visit

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